Minerals for Nutritional Use

Code Product Name Standardization Functional Activity
2203 Bis-glycinato oxo vanadium
20% Vanadium Blood sugar support
0340 Copper Lysinate 3% Copper Copper supplement
1333 Magnesium Aspartate 8% Magnesium Magnesium support
1334 Magnesium Citrate 14.5% Magnesium Magnesium support
0125 Magnesium Potassium Aspartate 11% Magnesium
11% Potassium
Electrolyte mineral Sports nutrition
1908 Selenium Enriched Garlic Powder (1)
(Allium sativum)
1000 ppm Elemental Selenium Nutritional selenium supplement
1909 Selenium Enriched Garlic Powder UD (1)
(Allium sativum)
SelenoForce® UD
2000 ppm Elemental Selenium Nutritional selenium supplement
2200 Vanadium Citrate 16% Vanadium Blood sugar support
Vanadium supplement
2601 Zinc Citrate 30% Zinc Immune support
Zinc supplement
2610 Zinc Monomethionine 20% Zinc
40% Methionine
Antioxidant support
2605 Zinc Picolinate 20% Zinc
75% Picolinic acid
Immune support
Zinc supplement


(1) Selenium Enriched Garlic Powder (SelenoForce®)

US 7,014,874; AU2006321973; EP1968620; NZ568233: Compositions and methods containing Allium sativum Linn, (Garlic) naturally enriched with organic selenium compounds for nutritional supplementation


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