Blend De Enzimas


(1) Black Cumin Seed SCF Extract (Nigellin® )

US 10,881,623: Compositions for the management of hyperglycemia and related conditions.

US 10,945,969: Compositions containing thymohydroquinone and their method of preparation.

(2) Boswellia Extract PS (Boswellin® PS )

EA023717: Use of a composition for down-regulating/inhibiting PGE2.

AU2011200854; CA2732915; I-434696; MX328842: Composition for down-regulating pro-inflammatory markers.

(3) Boswellia Polysaccharides (Polybos®/Polysal® )

US 10,716,823: Adaptogenic compositions and applications thereof.

(4) Cirpusins®

US 10,172,903; US 9,782,450; US 9,387,193; AU2015394033; AU2013292593; CA2883176; EA025578; EP3291805; EP3108935; EP2744571; HK1232483; IDP000062703; JP6759243; JP6135761; KR10-1600212; KR10-1717889; NZ622927; PID201708495; RU2691404; SG11201707106U: Composition comprising Scirpusin A and Scirpusin B and anti-obesity potential thereof.

PH1-2015-500349: Scirpusin A and scirpusin B and anti-obesity potential thereof.

(5) Coleus Forskohlii Extract (ForsLean® )

US 10,085,963; AU2015351423; EP3194575; HK1238675; IDP000071226; JP6472453; KR10-2169620; NZ720422: Process and compositions for achieving mammalian energy balance.

NZ552997: Composition for physiological increase of male and female hormones with diterpene forskolin and its derivatives.

(6) Curcuma Longa Extract WS (uC3 Clear® )

CA2976689; NZ734491; ZA2017/06503: Method to solubilize curcuminoids in water.

(7) Garcinia Extract with Garcinol (GarCitrin® )

US 7,063,861; AU773081; EP1254209; JP4205943; NZ518116: Bioavailable composition of natural and synthetic HCA.

(8) Extrato Seco de Garcinia Indica (Livinol™ )

AU2011352073 ; CA2851663; EP2658374; JP5980228; NZ609878; RU2585245: Hepatoprotectant activity of garcinol.

(9) LivLonga®

US 10,653,643: Liver protectant compositions and therapeutic applications.

(10) Oroxylum Indicum Extract (Sabroxy® )

US 10,407,401: Process for synthesis of oroxylin A

US 10,555,982; CA3043168; JP6851476; NZ753943: Composition containing oroxylin A and method of extraction thereof.

US 10,894,029; JP6796217: Neuroprotective compositions and their use.

EP1986670: Intestinal alpha-glucosidase inhibitors and a process for the isolation and use thereof.

US 7,855,200: Method for treatment of gastric ulcers and ulcers induced by aspirin.

US 10,959,980: Bioactive molecules from Oroxylum indicum and their therapeutic applications.

(11) Pterocarpus Extract WS (pTeroSol® )

IN194292: A process for extraction of antidiabetic formulation mainly containing flavonoid glycosides.

IN192163: process for isolation of novel compound 2, 6-dihydroxy-2-(p-hydroxybenzyl)-3(2H)-benzofuranone-7-C-ß-Dglucopyranoside from Pterocarpus marsupium.

(12) Selenium Enriched Garlic Powder (SelenoForce® )

US 7,014,874: Compositions and methods containing Allium sativum Linn. (garlic) naturally enriched with organic selenium compounds for nutritional supplementation.

AU2006321973; EP1968620; NZ568233: Compositions containing Allium sativum Linn. (garlic) naturally enriched with organic selenium compounds for nutritional supplementation.

(13) Sugarcane Peel Extract (Policosanol )

IN229695: A process for obtaining high purity fatty alcohols.

(14) Terminalia Arjuna Extract – Arjunoglucoside

US 10,479,749:Process for the preparation of standardized composition of arjunoglucoside from the bark of Terminalia arjuna.

(15) Tetrahydrocurcuminoids ODN (Curcumin C3 Reduct® )

EP1328263: Process of making and method of use of tetrahydrocurcuminoids to regulate physiological and pathological events in the skin and mucosa cells.

(16) LactoSpore® + Turmeric Starch (Starmeric™ )

Process for enhancing the viable counts of lactic acid bacteria and useful compositions thereof.

(17) Calebina A (CurCousin™ )

US 8,933,121; US 9,328,330; AU2012366253; AU2014203122; CA2857543; JP6374716; KR10-1702702; NZ614076; NZ 715053; RU2543334; SG192695; ZA2013/05918; ZL201280012577.3: Anti-obesity potential of calebin A.

US 9,610,273; US 9,668,999; AU2014202312; CA2850999; CA2963383; EA027148; EP2937084; HK1210590; I-622384; JP6263707; KR10-1647549; NZ624269; MY-170067-A; PH1-2014-000244: Method for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia.

IDP000064827: Calebin A and its effect on hypercholesterolemia.

US 9,220,703; AU2014201769; CA2935898; EP2893926; JP6142446; KR10-1685263; KR10-1685333; MY-175867-A; NZ622909; PH1-2016-501138;

SG11201605336Y: Composition and method for the protection of articular cartilage.

EA027614: Use of calebin A to protect mammalian articular cartilage from pathological damage.

US 9,365,486; AU2014203764; CA2858126; EA027726; EP2963007; HK1217689; JP6490927; KR10-1629561; NZ627247: Synthesis of calebin A and its biologically active analogs.

HK1210028: Calebin A for articular cartilage.

EP3085370: Calebin A for inducing lipolysis.

US 9,737,502; CA2893321; IDP000067993; JP6336943; KR10-1763474; MY-182000-A; PH1-2015-000188; RU2643297; SG10201503805X: Calebin A for hepatic steatosis.

US 9,539,232; CA2941050; RU2653103: Calebin A for osteoporosis.

EP2663185; HK1190874: Calebin A for use in the treatment of inflammation and obesity.

EP3085370: Calebin A for inducing lipolysis.

(18) Oxyresvenox®/Resvenox®

US 7,253,324: Processo de síntese de compostos oxigenados biologicamente ativos por desalquilação dos alquiléteres correspondentes.

(19) Eflornithine Hydrochloride

US 6,998,502; US 7,345,196: Convenient process of manufacture for difluoromethylornithine and related compounds.

(20) DigeZyme®

AU2016428484; JP6857240; ZA2019/02715: Enzyme composition for therapeutic management of muscle soreness.

ZA2019/07676: Enzyme composition for maintenance of metabolic health.

(21) LactoSpore®

US 10,668,115: Stable probiotic compositions containing Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 and method of detection thereof.

US 10,609,935: Beverage compositions containing Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856.

US 9,579,352: Process for the therapeutic management of diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome using Bacillus coagulans.

US 10,166,261; AU2016413572; CA3023818; ZL2019/00501: Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 for the management of major depressive disorder.

US 10,260,112; CA2999517; EP3356545; MY-185340-A: Novel PCR primers and methods thereof for the identification of Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856.

EA037312; EP3240553; JP6629875; KR10-2157043; MY-182658-A; ZL 201680008035.7: Process for the therapeutic management of diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome using Bacillus coagulans SBC37-01, MTCC 5856.

US 10,806,760: Compositions and methods for reducing flatulence.

US 10,293,008; AU2015308650; EA034017; EP3185877; HK1233174; IDP000066793; JP6630723; KR10-2089566; MX376004; MY-174855-A; SG11201700006U; ZL201580042813.X: Process for enhancing the viable counts of lactic acid bacteria and useful composition thereof.

US 10,792,295; JP6839329: Composition for management of Helicobacter pylori infection.

RU2745755: Anti-pollution compositions containing Bacillus coagulans.

(22) LactoCran®

US 9,717,766: Process for enhancing the viable counts of lactic acid bacteria and useful compositions thereof.

(23) PeptiSeLect®

US 8,193,156: Dipeptides incorporating selenoamino acids with enhanced bioavailability—synthesis, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications thereof.

(24) MethySelene®

US 6,794,537: Manufacturing processes for Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine.

US 6,982,273: Compositions and methods containing bioavailable Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine for human and veterinary use.

(25) Metabolicgard®

US 10,477,886; US 10,258,073: Functional nutritional blend for thermo-metabolic performance.

(26) WithanAlpha™

US 10,864,242: Aphrodisiac composition and management of male sexual dysfunction.

(27) ZeaLutein®

US 6,689,400: Process of obtaining compositions of stable lutein and lutein derivatives.

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Estas afirmações ainda não foram avaliadas pelo FDA. Estes produtos não foram desenvolvidos para diagnosticar, tratar, curar ou prevenir doenças.


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