Sabinsa put on a great show at the Vitafoods Europe 2024 Expo

May 14 - 16, 2024

Geneva, Switzerland

We wrapped up a wonderful time at Vitafoods Europe 2024 Expo, held in Switzerland recently. Sabinsa was the official curcumin sponsor at the event. We had the privilege of hosting the honourable ambassador from India to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Mr. Mridul Kumar, at our stall.

At the show, Sabinsa showcased its science-backed ingredients, including C3 Reduct™ that offers optimized Curcuminoids with enhanced bioavailability and efficacy; Cirpusins®, a clinically proven ingredient known to aid in weight management; Saberry®, an extract from Amla that is standardized to 10% beta-glucogallin and is effective in supporting healthy lipid and glucose levels; Nigellin®, extract from the seeds of Nigella sativa for general health and wellness; and Shagandha™, a correctly standardized Ashwagandha for reducing stress and anxiety.

Mr. Shaheen Majeed, Global Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Sami-Sabinsa Group, was at our stand to discuss our ingredients and share his expertise.

Our European team, led by Dr. Umar Jan, President of Sabinsa European Operations were available to discuss and brainstorm on Sabinsa’s unique ingredients and the exceptional services offered to the European client base.

Many thanks to our guests for the overwhelming response, and we look forward to more insightful conversations in the coming days.

For more information, logon to www.sabinsa.eu.

™, a Trademark of Sabinsa Europe GmbH
®, a Registered Trademark of Sabinsa Europe GmbH

Sabinsa participates in the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day Event

May 1 - 2, 2024

New York, USA

We thank everyone who visited us at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day last week! We had a fantastic time meeting with experts from the cosmetic sector and sharing valuable insights.

At the Expo, Sabinsa introduced its new skin care product, Babchiol™ (Bakuchiol 99%). Babchiol™ is a natural active extracted from the plant Psoralea corylifolia. This retinol-alternative offers the same anti-aging benefits as retinoids but is much gentler and without the risk of adverse effects.

Sabinsa also highlighted its other naturally derived personal care products, including Proscalpin™, a patented, clinically studied blend for healthy haircare, as well as natural skin care actives for UV protection and melanogenesis inhibition (pTeroWhite®, SabiWhite®). These ingredients are backed by Sabinsa’s long history of clinical research and IP support.

Sabinsa Showcases Beauty Ingredients at In-Cosmetics Paris

April 16 - 18, 2024

Paris, France

Sabinsa, the multi-national health science company, highlighted its beauty innovations at the In-cosmetics Paris 2024 Expo in Paris, France. The science underlying its line of cosmetic ingredients, which includes the anti-aging postbiotic, LactoSporin™, radiance and wellness products including SabiWhite®, pTeroWhite®, and Artonox®, as well as nutricosmetics like EFSA approved Curcumin C3 Reduct® (Tetrahydrocurcuminoids) were demonstrated to the visitors at the booth. Sabinsa’s expert team also introduced the new skin care ingredient Babchiol™, a natural alternative to Retinol at the expo.

We thank all our visitors who made it an effort to visit our booth and appreciated our innovations. Looking forward to meeting you and discussing our ingredients.

Sabinsa Japan Pays Tribute to Dr. Muhammed Majeed

April 19, 2024

Tokyo, Japan

Our team in Japan came together at Ikebukuro in Tokyo to organize “Memorial Day” for its Founder and Nutra industry luminary, Dr. Muhammed Majeed. Along with our Japanese customers and former associates of Sabinsa, our team paid floral tributes to the visionary and recalled their long associations with Dr. Majeed and the company.

Dr. Majeed’s vision to emulate his success of standardized plant extracts globally made Sabinsa set foot in Japan in early 2000, when no other company explored this territory with the concept of Ayurveda. With over 75 ingredients focused on health support and beauty, Sabinsa is now a preferred innovation and formulation partner for many reputed brands in this tough-to-crack Japanese market. Thanks to Dr. Majeed's remarkable business foresight.

Dr. Majeed’s commitment to societal welfare made him establish the Dr. Majeed Foundation, which focused on healthcare, education, and other socioeconomic development activities.

Remembering the legend and his legacy, a video documentary on Dr. Majeed was played to the guests at the event.

Characterized by a blend of leadership qualities, innovative thinking, and empathy, Dr. Majeed passed away last month at the age of 75 in Chennai, India.

Dr. Majeed is succeeded as Chairperson of the Sami-Sabinsa Group by his daughter, Dr. Anju Majeed, Director and senior scientist. His only son, Shaheen Majeed, returns as the Global Managing Director & CEO. He is survived by his daughters Anju and Sami, his son Shaheen, and his grandchildren Rizwan, Johara, Nasneen, Ramses, Sunayna, Rajah, and Maximo.

Sabinsa, the multi-national health science company, will be highlighting its beauty innovations at the In-cosmetics Paris 2024 Expo

April 16 - 18, 2024

Paris, France

Sabinsa’s cosmetic portfolio to be highlighted include:

Showcasing LactoSporin™: Discover our groundbreaking anti-aging postbiotic, LactoSporin™, backed by clinical studies for its rejuvenating properties.

Exclusive EFSA Approved Solutions: Explore our unique Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, the only EFSA-approved/REACH registered ingredients, proven effective in oral care.

Introducing Babchiol™: Meet the natural alternative to Retinol derived from Psoralea corylifolia seeds, standardized for a minimum of 99% Bakuchiol. Get first-hand experience with Babchiol™ for cutting-edge skin care.

Radiance and Wellness Products: Experience our star products – SabiWhite®, pTeroWhite®, Artonox®, and an exciting range of nutricosmetics designed to enhance your natural glow.

Connect with Experts at Stand 1M59.

Sabinsa participates in Natural Products Expo West

March 13 - 16, 2024

Anahiem, CA

Sabinsa Corporation highlighted its breakthrough products at the Natural Products Expo Event in California, US. At the booth, Sabinsa demonstrated its latest clinical studies on Shagandha (Ashwagandha root extract 2.5% USP grade) for stress and anxiety. In light of increased interest in nutraceutical ingredients for liver health, Sabinsa featured its clinically studied blend LivLonga®. Other breakthrough ingredients from Sabinsa such as Sabroxy®, CurCousin®, LactoSpore®, Saberry®, and C3 Reduct® were showcased at the expo.

® Registered Trademarks of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
™ Trademarks of Sabinsa Corporation, USA

Sabinsa participates in Natural Products Expo West

March 13 - 16, 2024

Anahiem, CA

Sabinsa Corporation highlighted its breakthrough products at the Natural Products Expo Event in California, US. At the booth, Sabinsa demonstrated its latest clinical studies on Shagandha (Ashwagandha root extract 2.5% USP grade) for stress and anxiety. In light of increased interest in nutraceutical ingredients for liver health, Sabinsa featured its clinically studied blend LivLonga®. Other breakthrough ingredients from Sabinsa such as Sabroxy®, CurCousin®, LactoSpore®, Saberry®, and C3 Reduct® were showcased at the expo.

® Registered Trademarks of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
™ Trademarks of Sabinsa Corporation, USA

Sabinsa Participates in SAPHEX 2024 Expo

March 13 - 14, 2024


Sabinsa Europe to exhibit at Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo 2024

March 6 - 7, 2024

Barcelona International Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain

Sabinsa Europe will be participating in this year's Nutraceutical Europe event in Barcelona from 6th to 7th March. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our cutting-edge, scientifically backed health and wellness solutions to the industry.

Spotlight Products:

Our booth will feature several major products that are at the forefront of innovation and efficacy:

Curcumin C3 Reduct®: The only EFSA-approved Curcuminoids metabolite on the EU market. It has been scientifically demonstrated that most of the benefits of curcuminoids are attributable to Tetrahydrocurcuminoids. Curcumin C3 Reduct contains 95% Tetrahydrocurcuminoids.

Cirpusins®: Our new, innovative weight management product promises to revolutionize the market with its unique approach to healthy weight loss.

Nigellin® and Saberry®: Additional showcases that highlight our commitment to offering natural, effective nutritional ingredients.

Cirpusins® Presentation by Dr. Umar Jan:

Highlighting our event schedule, Dr. Umar Jan, President of European Operations at Sabinsa, will deliver an insightful presentation on Cirpusins®. Join us on March 7th at 11:00 AM to delve into the science and innovation behind this groundbreaking product. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how Sabinsa is paving the way for future wellness trends. Our technical team, as well as Iberia's sales representative, Ms. Aida Arnaiz, will be present at stand E70 to provide visitors with direct information.

We look forward to seeing you at Nutraceutical Europe and sharing our passion for natural health solutions. Let's explore the future of nutraceuticals together!

Sabinsa Japan takes part in an Ayurveda event hosted by Japan's Indian Embassy

February 29, 2024


To promote the ancient Indian wisdom, Ayurveda, the Embassy of India in Japan hosted the conference “Embracing Ancient Wisdom in Daily Lives” in Japan this week. H.E. Mr. Sibi George, Ambassador of India to Japan, made the inaugural remarks at the event on the initiatives made to promote the Ayush system of medicines in Japan.

Mr. Taku Yoshiki from Sabinsa Japan Corporation briefed the essence of Ayurvedic herbs for healthy wellbeing and highlighted some of the well-known Ayurvedic herbs in Japan, including turmeric, pomegranate, Boswellia serrata, black pepper, Terminalia bellirica, amla, and black cumin, for different health support applications.

Sabinsa is a market leader for plant-based nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products in Japan, with over 75 products for diverse applications. At the event, Sabinsa showcased its popular books, Curcumin, Boswellin®, Ashwagandha, and BioPerine®, which are based on Indian medicinal herbs.

Sabinsa On Wheels (SOW) Show at China sees Overwhelming Success

January 25, 2024

Nanjing, China

Yet another successful round of Sabinsa on Wheels (SOW), Science Roadshow, has concluded in China this week. The show was a huge success with engaging customers from diverse sectors. Sabinsa's senior scientists delivered presentations on a range of subjects, including the science underlying our bionutrients, probiotics for optimum wellbeing, joint health improvement, and advancements in brain nutrition. At the event, Sabinsa introduced its two distinctive products - Cinnamon and AC3 for the Chinese market.

We thank the attendees for joining us for this thought-provoking event. Your support has been incredibly motivating, and we are committed to providing you with the best-in-class products and service.

Sabinsa Host Science Roadshow Sabinsa On Wheels (SOW) in Japan

January 19, 2024

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Sabinsa Japan hosted the science road show, Sabinsa On Wheels (SOW), that delivers up-to-date information on the company’s research programmes and innovations for the market. The event was an overwhelming success, drawing in a packed house of inquisitive and engaging customers from diverse verticals. Sabinsa’s distinguished subject specialists delivered presentations on different market-leading brands and deep-dived into diverse topics, including liver care, approaches to immunity-boosting, blood sugar management, hangover protection, gut health wellness, managing fatty liver crises, and revitalizing health through nature.

We appreciate the participation of our esteemed customers and sharing good moments. Your enthusiasm and engagement have been truly inspiring to our business, and we look forward to your visit to discuss our innovations.

We thank our exceptional lineup of experts from Sabinsa, Dr. Kalyanam N, Dr. Anurag Pande, and Dr. Lakshmi, as well as guest speakers Dr. Yasuo Watanabe and Dr. Tsuyoshi Kitanishi, for making this event a resounding success!


Sabinsa Europe Hosts Science Road Show, SabinsaOnWheel (SOW) at Frankfurt, participates in Food Ingredients (Fi) Europe Expo

November 28 -30, 2023

Frankfurt, Germany

Thank you to all the attendees of our show #SabinsaOnWheels in Frankfurt this week. The science show was a great success, with discussions on our innovative offerings. Our audience had the opportunity to gain insights on our products and market trends and interact with speakers, Dr. Kalyanam Nagabhushanam, President, R&D, Sabinsa, and Dr. Umar Jan, President, Sabinsa Europe.

Sabinsa also participated at the Food Ingredients (Fi) Europe Expo 2023 held this week. The day was very rich in discussions with engaging and focused visitors at our booth. Thank you for your valuable support, and we look forward to working on many new projects!

Sabinsa Holds Its Science Roadshow, Sabinsa on Wheels (SOW) in Istanbul

November 21, 2023

Shangri-La Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Exciting News from Sabinsa European Operations!

Istanbul, Turkey: #SabinsaOnWheels is arriving at the Shangri-La Hotel on 21st November! Prepare to be amazed by our showcase of personal care and cosmetic ingredients.

Featured Products in Istanbul:

  • SabiWhite: Revolutionary skin Radiance product
  • LactoSporin: Innovative postbiotic for skin health
  • pTeroWhite: Natural Pterostilbene for advanced skincare and UV protection
  • Curcumin C3 Reduct: First and Only EFSA approved Curcumin product in the EU market. First to deliver curcumin as a metabolite
  • Olepent: Peptide complex with Oleanolic Acid for Antiageing
  • Proscalpin: Botanical blend for hair care with Saberry and Cococin
  • D'cosmix Range: Advanced cosmeceutical formulations
  • Nutricosmetics Products: Enhancing beauty from within

Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence !
At Sabinsa, we are proudly celebrating 35 years of dedicated focus on patented, clinically studied products of top quality, which have been instrumental in propelling the industry to new levels of excellence and innovation

Follow us for more exciting updates and discoveries as we continue this remarkable journey. Together, we're exploring new horizons in health and wellness!

#SabinsaonWheels:Bringing wellness closer to you, nurturing connections, sharing groundbreaking scientific innovations, a initiative born from the original idea of our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Muhammed Majeed, PhD.

Sami-Sabinsa Group showcases at SupplySide West 2023, Las Vegas

October 25 - 26, 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us at SSW2023. It was a pleasure meeting and spending time with our business prospects. Sabinsa’s top-selling products, including LactoSpore® shelf-stable probiotics, DigeZyme® digestive enzyme blend, Curcumin C3 Complex®, the most researched curcumin, Saberry® standardized amla for healthy blood sugar support, and other breakthrough products, were showcased at the expo. Sabinsa also showcased its new innovations, including Aged Garlic, Sabrolithin A&B (Urolihtin A&B), and Mangiophelin Mango Extract.

At the show, Sabinsa also highlighted its long history of commitment towards environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

® – Trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
– Trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA

Science Road Show, Sabinsa On Wheels (SOW), held in Madrid (Spain)

October 17, 2023

Sabinsa’s Science Road Show, Sabinsa On Wheels has just wrapped up in the enchanting city of Madrid, Spain, with Dr. Umar Jan, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, presenting together with Ms. Aida Arnaiz, our representative from Spain.

Our recent seminar in Madrid was nothing short of extraordinary, packed with enlightening discussions and incredible interactions with our cherished clients. We are thrilled to share the highlights of this memorable occasion with you!

We proudly presented some of our Major Sabinsa products, featuring:

  • Curcumin C3 Reduct®
  • Nigellin®
  • Saberry®
  • Shagandha®
  • Cirpusins®

Our next destinations are the splendid cities of Istanbul, Turkey, and Frankfurt, Germany. Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this extraordinary journey together!

By fostering relationships, disseminating ground-breaking scientific innovations, and bringing wellness closer to our customers, we hope to have a lasting impact on people's health and wellbeing. The original inspiration for this program came from our chairman, Dr. Muhammed Majeed.

Health Ingredients (HI Japan) Expo

October 04 - 06, 2023

Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

We wrapped up a wonderful time at the Health Ingredients (HI Japan) Expo 2023 in Tokyo. We showcased our innovative ingredients, including Curcumin C3 Complex®, BioPerine®, Silbinol, Nigellin®, Lactospore®, Boswellin®, and several other ingredients from the functional food category, which drew most of the attention from visitors at our booth. We also displayed concept samples of Curcumin and Citrin products. Our team made a presentation on black cumin and our inner beauty products at the show.

We look forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition!

C3 Complex®, BioPerine®, Boswellin® are registered trademarks of Sabinsa Corporation, USA.
Nigellin®, LactoSpore® are registered trademarks of Sabinsa Japan Corporation.
Silbinol is a trademark of Sabinsa Japan Corporation.

Sami-Sabinsa Holds Its Science Roadshow, Sabinsa on Wheels (SOW) in Poland and Hungary

September, 2023

Sami-Sabinsa Europe's Seminar Series #SabinsaOnWheels has just concluded in the enchanting cities of Krakow in Poland and Budapest in Hungary.

Our recent seminar in Krakow was truly remarkable, filled with enlightening discussions and amazing interactions with our valued clients. In Poland, our R&D President, Dr. Kalyanam Nagabhushanam, and President of European Operation, Dr. Umar Jan, delivered presentations on Sami-Sabinsa’s major products.

In Hungary, Dr. Umar Jan, along with our Hungarian staff member, Mr. Albin Nagy, presented first-hand insight into our top ingredients. At this exclusive event, our customers had an excellent opportunity to discuss with our team how our innovations can benefit their formulations.

Our next destination for the Sabinsa On Wheels (SOW) program will be the splendid city of Madrid, Spain. Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this extraordinary journey together!

Sabinsa on Wheels (SOW) in Poland

Sabinsa on Wheels (SOW) in Hungary

Sami-Sabinsa Participates in the Vitafoods Asia Expo

September 20 - 22, 2023

Bangkok, Thailand

We are glad to be part of the Vitafoods Asia Expo held in Bangkok last week. Sabinsa had three days of fantastic interactions with business prospects and addressed their queries. We sincerely appreciate the attendees taking the time to learn about our ingredients.

See you all again at the SupplySide West Expo in Las Vegas next month

Sabinsa Europe Mini-Seminar Series – A Huge Success in Slovenia, Europe

September 13, 2023

Ljubljana, Slovenia (Europe)

Exciting News Alert! The Sabinsa Europe Mini-Seminar Series has returned and is on the go! Following a spectacular visit in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Europe) on September 13th, we are currently preparing for an amazing event on September 20th in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland!

Our recent seminar in Ljubljana was a fantastic experience, full of insightful conversations and excellent contacts with our valued customers. We are glad to share the highlights with you!

We showcased some of our MAJOR Sabinsa products, including:

  • Curcumin C3 Reduct
  • Nigellin
  • Saberry
  • Shagandha
  • Cirpusins

At Sabinsa, we are celebrating 35 years of innovation and excellence while helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

And now, we're excited to announce that Dr. Kalyanam, our R&D President, will be delivering some extremely intriguing presentations in Krakow that you won't want to miss. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of innovation and scientific excellence!

Sabinsa on Wheels: Bringing wellness closer to you, fostering connections, sharing scientific innovations, and making a real impact on health and well-being. This initiative stems from Dr. Muhammed Majeed, our Chairman's original idea. See you in Krakow as we continue this incredible journey together!

Health Ingredients Korea Expo

August 30 - September 01, 2023

Seoul, Korea

Sami-Sabinsa participated in the Health Ingredients Korea Expo, where the company exhibited its popular scientifically validated ingredients, including Curcumin C³ Complex, Curcumin C³ Reduct, Nigellin, Saberry, LactoSpore, ForsLean®, Boswellin®, Sabeet®, and BioPerine®.

ForsLean®, Boswellin® - Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
Sabeet® - Registered trademark of Sabinsa Korea Corporation, Korea
BioPerine® - Registered trademark of Sabinsa Japan Corporation, Japan
– Trademark of Sabinsa Korea Corporation, Korea.

Sabinsa Japan participates in the Japan Ayurveda Event

August 2023


Sabinsa Japan participated in the Ayurveda Event "Holistic Health Beyond Borders", organized by the Embassy of India in Tokyo. His Excellency Mr. Sibi George, Ambassador of India to Japan, inaugurated the event. Mr. Kenzo Shiota from Sabinsa Japan made a presentation on Sabinsa’s breakthrough products at the event. Also, Sabinsa’s products were put on display at the show.

Sabinsa holds Science Road Show “Sabinsa On Wheels” in the US

August 2023


Sabinsa hosted the Science Road Show "Sabinsa On Wheels" last week in the US. Our expert team gave first-hand insight into our top ingredients and the latest product and concept innovations. At this exclusive event, our customers had an excellent opportunity to discuss with our team how our innovations can benefit their formulations.

Sabinsa Showcases Its Innovations at the Asia Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo

July 27-30, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan

Sami-Sabinsa had a successful show at the Asia Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo in Taipei. We had the pleasure of interacting with our business prospects and highlighting our range of products. We appreciate everyone who made the effort to visit us at the expo, and we hope to see you again at our upcoming events.

Sabinsa showcases its innovations at the PCI Days Show and at the Science Seminar "Sabinsa on Wheels"

June 21-22, 2023

Warsaw, Poland

We are thrilled to share that the recent PCI days in Warsaw, Poland, were a resounding success for us. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with our esteemed clients and forge new partnerships in the Polish market. The event was filled with enthusiasm, as many visitors came to meet and greet our Sabinsa team.

During this remarkable gathering, we had the privilege of providing an overview of our latest products and innovations. Our dedicated team delivered insightful presentations on a range of cutting-edge offerings, including C3 Reduct®, Nigellin®, Saberry®, Starmeric®, Nutricosmetics, and sports nutrition products. Dr. Umar Jan, President Sabinsa European Operations, captivated the audience with his expertise and knowledge.

In addition to the event itself, we organized a special mini-seminar as part of our roadshow called "Sabinsa on Wheels." Esteemed clients and renowned brands joined us for this exclusive event. The positive feedback and commitments received from our valued clients serve as a testament to the quality and value of our offerings.

We are thrilled to announce that our road show, "Sabinsa on Wheels," will continue to journey through various countries this year. It will culminate in a grand finale at the Food Ingredients Europe event in Frankfurt. With the motto "Our innovation is your answer," we are committed to delivering groundbreaking solutions that empower our partners and revolutionize the industry.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Sabinsa Poland team, namely Tomasz Majewski and Marcin Rutkowski, for their impeccable planning and dedication, which made this event a resounding success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pave the way with innovative solutions that drive your success.

Organica Aromatics in association with Sabinsa Europe puts up a great show at the SIMPPAR 2023 Expo, Paris

May 31 and June 1, 2023

Paris, France

Organica Aromatics (an affiliate company of the Sami-Sabinsa Group), renowned for developing high-quality aromatic chemicals and perfumery compounds, had a successful show at SIMPPAR in Paris alongside its associate company, Sabinsa Europe. At the show, our visitors discovered an exquisite collection of products, including the highly sought-after CITALOX (Amberlox), Safranal, and rose ketones.

Our team of experts in the booth had an insightful discussion and witnessed overwhelming interest and engagement from our business prospects. Delegates from the fragrance sector explored the range of products and solutions offered at the booth. The Organica team, comprising dedicated experts, provided exceptional commercial and technical assistance to these esteemed visitors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the products and their potential applications.

CITALOX (Amberlox), a distinctive ingredient noted for its versatility and rich aroma, captivated the attention of industry professionals. Similarly, Safranal, renowned for its captivating scent and diverse applications, and rose ketones, cherished for their floral notes, garnered significant interest and admiration.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and genuine interest our products received at SIMPPAR," stated Dr. Umar Jan, president European Operations, Sabinsa. "The event provided the team with an exceptional opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions and establish meaningful connections within the industry. We are grateful for the support and recognition received from leading companies, and we look forward to forging lasting partnerships", Dr. Umar Jan added.

The successful participation of Organica Aromatics along with its associate, Sabinsa Europe, at SIMPPAR reinforces our commitment to excellence and innovation in the fragrance and flavor industry. By delivering superior products and unparalleled technical expertise, both companies continue to redefine the boundaries of aromatic experiences.

IFIA Japan Expo, 2023

May 17 - 19, 2023

Tokyo, Japan

At the IFIA Japan 2023 Expo, Sabinsa Japan showcased its innovative and science-backed ingredients, including Curcumin C3 Complex®, BioPerine®, and those in the functional food category. In addition to exhibiting the company’s portfolio of ingredients, Sabinsa also showcased a variety of concept samples, including Curcumin gummies, WhiteCurcumin chewables, rusks with Curcumin C3 Complex® and jelly containing Saberry® with WhiteCurcumin. Beverage samples of Coco Cola products containing Sabinsa’s Mucuna extract 10% was displayed and available to visitors.

Mr. Kenzo Shiota, Sabinsa Japan, presented technical seminars on popular topics, FemTech and MenTech. At FemTech, Sabinsa showcased ingredients including Nigellin®, Fenugreek, Shatavari, Resveratrol, Saberry®, and others. The expert team also showcased Sabinsa’s innovative range of products, such as Sabeet®, ForsLean®, DigeZyme®, FenuSterols®, Citrin®, Curcumin, and WhiteCurcumin, at the MenTech seminar.

Curcumin C3 Complex®, Citrin®, ® Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
Saberry®, Nigellin®, Resvenox®, DigeZyme®, Sabeet®, ForsLean®, ®- Registered Trademarks of Sabinsa Japan Corporation

Sami-Sabinsa Showcases at Vitafoods Europe 2023 Expo, Geneva, Europe

May 09 - 11, 2023

Geneva, Europe

We are glad to be part of the Vitafoods Europe Expo held in Geneva, Europe. Sami-Sabinsa had insightful discussions with business prospects and addressed their queries. We sincerely appreciate the attendees taking the time to learn about our ingredients.

Sami-Sabinsa Showcases Innovative Hair & Skin Care Formulations at NYSCC 2023 Event, New York City

May 02 - 03, 2023

New York, USA

Sabinsa Corporation showcased its well-researched ingredients for hair and skin care formulations at the recently held New York Chapter of Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) event in New York.

The clinically studied blend for healthy haircare, Proscalpin, and LactoSporin®, a postbiotic preparation for a healthy skin microbiome, were featured at the expo. Furthermore, Sabinsa highlighted two of its popular natural skin care actives for UV protection and melanogenesis inhibition, including pTeroWhite® and Sabiwhite®. Other popular ingredients that our visitors were curious to learn about included Olepent® cosmetic peptides for healthy aging and Pomegranate Extract Ellagic acid 90%.

The company's technical and marketing team were available to educate the visitors about the clinical trials on the above-mentioned products.

Thank you to all our cherished customers for visiting us and learning about our innovations.

Sabinsa Showcases at in-cosmetics Global Expo 2023

March 28 - 30, 2023

Barcelona, Spain

Sami-Sabinsa wrapped up a wonderful time at the in-cosmetics global expo last week. We showcased our innovative ingredient, Curcumin C3 Reduct® at the innovation area, and our stand at T10 witnessed a huge traffic of prospective visitors.

We had the pleasure of interacting with visitors and highlighting our range of products, including Proscalpin® and Lactosporin. Proscalpin® is a patented (US9498423) herbal hair care product that contains Cococin® (Cocos nucifera liquid endosperm), Saberry® (Emblica officinalis fruit extract), and PeptiSeLect (a naturally occurring selenium-containing peptide in garlic) to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. LactoSporin was another popular draw for visitors. Currently, many formulators are looking for postbiotic products that have been clinically studied for their efficacy. Studies on LactoSporin in the areas of skin, hair, and oral care make it an ideal and appealing product to developers.

Products in the radiance and brightening sector like Artonox®, SabiWhite®, and pTeroWhite® were also displayed at the Expo. Sami-Sabinsa radiance category is clinically studied for its efficacy.

Thanks to the in-cosmetics global team for all the support. We are looking forward to participating again here next year.

™ - Trademarks of Sabinsa Europe GmbH
® - Registered trademarks of Sabinsa Europe GmbH

Sabinsa Participates in the SAPHEX 2023 Expo

March 15 - 16, 2023


We are glad to have been part of the SAPHEX 2023 Expo held in Johannesburg last week. Thank you to everyone who stopped at our booth to learn about our clinically tested ingredients.

Sabinsa China takes part in the Food Ingredients China 2023 Expo

March 15 - 17, 2023


Sabinsa China participated in the Food Ingredients China 2023 Expo, and here are some moments of memorable time at the Expo. The session was highly interactive and engaging, with our expert team addressing the audience's queries, leading to an overall positive response from the attendees.

We sincerely appreciate the attendees for taking the time to learn about our ingredients.

Sabinsa Corporation participates in Natural Products Expo West 2023 Show

March 07 - 11, 2023

Anahiem (U.S.)

Sabinsa Corporation, an industry frontrunner in nutraceuticals and herbal extracts, took part in the much-anticipated Expo West 2023 Show, that held in Anahiem (U.S.) recently. Sabinsa unveiled an array of cutting-edge products that piqued the interest of the visitors.

Our latest offerings, including CurCousin® and Sabroxy® as well as other top sellers such as LactoSpore®, Curcumin C3 Complex®, BioPerine®, and Boswellin®, generated significant buzz among visitors for their innovative formulations and potential advantages.

Sabinsa's expert team was present at the event for insightful customer-focused discussions and media engagement.

This productive showcase at the expo exhibited Sabinsa Corporation’s unwavering commitment to delivering groundbreaking, science backed natural products to a diverse customer base.

Sabinsa Japan takes part in the inaugural event of the AYUSH Information Cell (AIC) at the Embassy of India in Tokyo

March 09, 2023

Tokyo, Japan

Sabinsa Japan took part in the inaugural event of AYUSH Information Cell (AIC) at the Embassy of India in Tokyo on March 9, 2023. His Excellency, Mr. Sibi George, Ambassador of India to Japan, inaugurated the AIC, which will provide information and foster collaboration in the field of traditional medicine in Japan.

According to a press release from the Indian Embassy in Tokyo, "The cell will serve as a platform for knowledge and expertise exchange between Indian and Japanese practitioners and researchers, facilitating the integration of traditional medical practices with modern healthcare."

Representatives from Japan's medical community, as well as Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners in Japan and members of the Indian diaspora, attended the historic inauguration ceremony.

Sabinsa Japan invited its customers to the occasion and also had the opportunity to display several ingredients and finished products formulated with Sabinsa ingredients.

As part of the event, a quiz session on AYUSH was organized. Mr. Sibi George, presented the quiz winners with the book written by Dr. Muhammed Majeed (Chairman & Founder, Sami-Sabinsa Group) and his team on the Curumin C3 Complex.

Nutraceuticals Europe Summit and Expo

March 08 -09, 2023


Sabinsa Corporation participated in the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit and Expo held in Barcelona between 8th & 9th Mar, 2023. Sabinsa had fantastic interactions with business prospects at the expo whilst showcasing its range of innovative ingredients.

The show featured a presentation on "Curcumin C3 Reduct®Integrating Curcumin C3 Reduct® in new product development" delivered by Dr. Umar Jan, President, Sabinsa European Operations. At the seminar, Dr. Umar underscored the significance of C3 Reduct® which has been scientifically shown to boost organ health and deliver a range of other targeted functionalities. Curcumin C3 Reduct ® (Tetrahydrocurcuminoids) is the only Curcumin metabolite product that is approved by EFSA. It is directly and easily assimilated into the body as an active metabolite. At 140mg/ day, C3 Reduct® delivers functionality without the need for high dosages or added synthetic ingredients. C3 Reduct is EFSA approved Curcumin product as per the EU commission implementing regulation 2022/961.

The session was highly interactive and engaging, with Dr. Umar addressing the audience's queries with relevant details leading to an overall positive response from the attendees.

We sincerely appreciate the attendees for taking the time to learn about our ingredients.

® Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
™ Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA


Food Ingredients Expo

December 06 -08, 2022

Paris, France

Sabinsa Europe showcased its breakthrough innovations at the Food Ingredients Expo 2022, which brought together leading food ingredient suppliers from all over Europe in one place. At the show, Sabinsa showcased its category-leading products such as Curcumin C3, Reduct®, Curcumin C3 Complex®, Shagandha, LactoSpore®, Nigellin®, and related synbiotics - LactoCran® and LactoWise®.

® Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA
™ Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA

EuroTier 2022

November 15 -18, 2022

Hannover, Germany

The EuroTier Show is the leading international trade fair for professional animal farming and livestock management. At the show, Sabinsa showcased its benchmark ingredients (for pets and veterinary animals), including Curcumin C3 Complex® VETPerine®, Boswellin®, Shagandha™, Citrin™, and Panicin®, which help produce effective animal feed.

Exhibitors from all over the world presented their innovations, services, and genetics for modern animal husbandry at the show.

Dr. Umar Jan, PhD, President-European Operations, delivered a presentation on "Sabinsa Botanicals for Pet Nutrition" at the event.


  • Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation, USA (Curcumin C3 Complex®, Boswellin®)
  • Registered trademark of Sabinsa Europe GmbH (VETPerine® , Panicin®)
  • Trademark of Sabinsa Europe GmbH (Shagandha™, Citrin™)

SupplySide West Expo

October 31 - November 4, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sabinsa Corporation showcased its new product lineup at the SupplySide West Expo, a premier event for health and nutrition professionals held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. The expo, held between October 31 and November 4, 2022, attracted more than 17,000 attendees and focused on dietary supplements, personal care, sports nutrition, functional food, and beverage products.

Sabinsa’s new range of branded ingredients, such as Sabroxy®, CurCousin®, Shagandha®, Silbinol®, and Saberry®, were featured at the expo, along with its signature ingredient, Curcumin c3 complex®. Sabinsa also demonstrated its immunity ingredients, the shelf-stable probiotic LactoSpore® and DigeZyme®, a blend of digestive enzymes.

Dr. Anurag Pande, Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Sabinsa, delivered a presentation titled "Exploring the Microbiome: Science, Innovation, and Delivery" at the expo.

- Registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation USA - Sabroxy® , Curcousin® , Silbinol® , Curcumin C3 Complex®, Saberry®, Lactospore®, Digezyme®
- Trademark of Sabinsa Corporation USA - Shagandha

UK Primary Care Pharmacy Trade Show

October 16 - 17, 2022

England, Great Britain

Sabinsa Europe, showcased its breakthrough innovations at the UK Primary Care Pharmacy Trade Show, one of the few events targeted to pharmacy professionals in the region. At the show, Sabinsa showcased its category-leading products such as Curcumin C3 Complex®, BioPerine®, and LactoSpore® and related synbiotics - LactoCran® and LactoWise®, along with minerals and specialty chemicals with a focus on SeleniumSELECT® and other Zinc Monomethionine (ZinBolic™) and Magnesium based minerals.

Health Ingredients Show

October 12 - 14, 2022

Tokyo, Japan

Food Ingredients Asia Expo

September 07 - 09, 2022

Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia

BIO Asia–Taiwan

July 28 - 31, 2022

PCI Days 2022 Expo

June 22-23, 2022

Warsaw, Poland

Sabinsa Europe participated in the PCI Days 2022 Show, a platform for manufacturers, and suppliers from the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry to network and collaborate. Sabinsa’s popular ingredients, including Curcumin C3 Reduct, Curcumin C3 Complex®, Shagandha, Nigellin®, BioPerine®, DigeZyme®, LactoSpore®, LactoSporin, and Proscalpin were highlighted at the event.

Nutraceuticals Europe - Summit & Expo

June 15-16, 2022

Barcelona, Spain

At Nutraceuticals Europe - Summit & Expo, Sabinsa Europe presented its breakthrough products, including Cirpusins®, Nigellin®, Shagandha®, and Starmeric®. Nutraceuticals 2022 is a major showcase for the industry with 107 companies from 14 plus countries exhibiting their products in functional ingredients, end products and novel foods space.

Our team had tons of conversations about our innovative products with the industry insiders. At the event, Dr. Umar Jan, President European Operations, Sabinsa, made a presentation on Curcumin C3 Reduct®, the only EFSA-approved pharmacologically active Curcumin metabolite.

World Environment Day

June 5, 2022

World Environment Day is a UN Environment-led global event, which takes place on June 5th every year and is celebrated by several countries worldwide. Sami-Sabinsa Group also celebrated this event.

Mr. Madhu Subramanian, Executive Director of Sami-Sabinsa Group planted a tree in our manufacturing facility in India and kept the ground stone. He also addressed the group about the importance of the event and protecting Mother Earth for future generations to enjoy. Mr. Subramanian stated “It is a privilege and not a right for us human beings to be on this earth and we must protect it for the future also”.

IFIA Japan

May 18 - 20, 2022

Tokyo, Japan

VitaFoods Europe

May 10 – 12, 2022

Geneva, Switzerland

Around 400 visitors visiting Sabinsa Stand and Products like C3 Reduct®, Cirpusins®, Shagandha® and LivLonga® were star features of this show. Mini seminar was highlight of this event where 90 participants joined. There were scientific and market oriented seminar where Dr. Kalyanam and Dr. Umar Jan gave presentations.

New York Society of Cosmetic Chemist Suppliers’ Day (NYSCC) 2022

May 03 - 04, 2022

New York (USA)

Sabinsa Corporation had a successful show at the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day event that brought together the beauty and personal care fraternity in the United States. Facial skincare, UV protection, anti-pollution, post-biotic and hair care ingredients were the most sought-after products at the Sabinsa booth. Visitors also showed great interest in the recently launched ingredients like Proscalpin and LactoSporin for haircare and skin care respectively.

Visitors to Sabinsa’s booth learned about the clinical studies on the new products and new science on its various patented signature ingredients, such as CosmoPerine®, SabiWhite®, TetraPure®, pTeroWhite® and Oxyresvenox®.

Commemorating 70th Anniversary of India-Japan Diplomatic Relations (Science Week)

April 25 – 28, 2022

Tokyo, Japan

Ayurveda was one of the key topic of forum discussions and presentation. The Science Week is from April 25 – 28, 2022 and Sabinsa Japan Corporation had its display and seminar on April 26, 2022.

Sabinsa’s technical staff, Mr. Yoshiaki Adachi, gave a 30 minute presentation on our Ayurvedic Products. Also presented technical books to the Indian Ambassador in Japan for Embassy library. The books were also on display along with other product line information.

Sami-Sabinsa enlightens on ‘Nutraceuticals for Weight Management & Quality and Safety Challenges’ at the International Congress

April 22 – 24, 2022

Mysuru, India

The 9th International Congress of the Society for Ethnopharmacology was organized by the Society for Ethnopharmacology, India at Mysuru in April 2022. At the conference, Dr. Anjali Pandey, Senior Scientist, Sami-Sabinsa (Bengaluru) gave a comprehensive presentation on "Nutraceutical approach for effective weight management and wellness" and Dr. Satish Sawant, Vice President – Analytical R&D, Sami-Sabinsa laid out the quality and safety challenges to be complied by herbal ingredient manufacturers in his presentation. Product information on Sami-Sabinsa’s range of innovative ingredients was also put on display at the expo that was part of the symposium..

Sami-Sabinsa signs MoU at Global Ayush Investment & Innovation Summit 2022

April, 2022

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Through the J&K Medicinal Plants Board, Sami-Sabinsa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with farmers in Jammu and Kashmir at the ‘Buyer Seller Meet’. This meet was part of the Global Ayush Investment & Innovation Summit 2022 that happened at Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The pact will ensure the sustainability of the endangered medicinal plant Picrorhiza kurroa (commonly known as ‘Kutki’) in the region, and Sami-Sabinsa will use this perennial woody herb for the production of standardized extracts that treat liver and bronchial disorders.

The signing of the MoU was witnessed by Shri. Bhupender Yadav, Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC); Dr. Mahendra Munjapara, Minister of State for Ayush; Prof. Tanuja Nesari, CEO, National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB); Shri Bivash Ranjan, Additional DG of Forests (MoEFCC); and Mr. Lok Ranjan, Secretary – Ministry of DONER.

L to R. Dr. Mahendra Munjapara, State Minister of Ayush; Dr. Arvind Saklani, VP, Sami-Sabinsa Group; Dr. Mohan Singh, Director ISM and CEO, J&K Medicinal Plants Board; Mr. Farhan Rashid, Farmers Group Head, Kupwara, J & K; and Dr. Wahid ul Hassan, Nodal Officer, J&K Medicinal Plants Board.

Supply Side East

April 12 - 13, 2022

New Jersey (USA)

At the Supply Side East event, Sabinsa had the opportunity to promote its new range of products, including LivLonga®, Nigellin®, Sabroxy®, Shagandha, and CurCousin. Customers visiting the Sabinsa pavilion also had the chance to pick up comprehensive books on Ashwagandha and Boswellin®, authored by Dr. Muhammed Majeed and Sami-Sabinsa Group technical team.


April 06 – 07, 2022

South Africa and SADC

At SAPHEX 2022 event, Sabinsa highlighted some of its science backed ingredients including LivLonga®, which supports healthy liver function; CurCousinTM, a self-affirmed GRAS ingredient with metabolic benefits; and Nigellin®, derived from black cumin seed extract, which has a variety of therapeutic benefits. Sabinsa also focussed on its other innovative products such as Sabroxy®, a superior brain and neuronal health ingredient; Cirpusins™, that effectively manage obesity; and ImmunoSpore™, a microbial preparation that boosts immunity in humans at the event.

In-cosmetics Global

April 05 -07, 2022

Paris, France

Natural Products Expo West

March 10 - 12, 2022

California (USA)

The show tailored for traditional medicine & herbal product exhibitors was a perfect venue for Sabinsa to show-off its recent launches to the active buyers. Sabinsa highlighted its new products: CurCousin, Sabroxy®, Shagandha®, pTeroSol®, and Nigellin® during the event.

Sports & Active Nutrition Summit

February 14 - 16, 2022

San Diego (USA)

Sabinsa Corporation (USA) is pleased to support and sponsor the 'Sports & Active Nutrition Summit,' which brought together industry and research experts in the sports and active nutrition field. Sabinsa leveraged its presence in the expo by emphasising its key exhibits in Sports and active nutrition as LactoSpore®, DigeZyme®, Curcumin C3 Complex®, Promond®, and ForsLean®. Sabinsa was the Gold Sponsor at this prestigious event.


Health Ingredients Europe - Participação da Sabinsa Europe

30 de Novembro - 2 de Dezembro de 2021

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Frankfurt, Alemanha
FI Europe & HI é um dos 10 eventos mais importantes da indústria de alimentos e bebidas.
Lançado em 1986, Food Ingredientes Europe (Fi Europe) é o ponto de encontro global para todas as partes interessadas na indústria de ingredientes alimentícios. Fi Europe é realizada uma vez a cada dois anos em uma grande cidade europeia e reúne os principais fornecedores mundiais de alimentos e bebidas, pesquisa e desenvolvimento, especialistas em produção e marketing e apresenta a mais diversa gama de ingredientes e serviços novos e inovadores. Ingredientes naturais (Ni) é o principal evento co-localizado para a obtenção de ingredientes naturais e orgânicos para suplementos, nutracêuticos, alimentos e bebidas funcionais e quaisquer outros produtos relacionados com alimentos. O posicionamento único do evento atrai um público mundial de todo o espectro de partes interessadas da indústria responsáveis pela especificação e compra de ingredientes. Todo mundo na indústria sabe que Fi Europe é definitivamente um daqueles shows em que você tem que estar para descobrir novos ingredientes, para ajudar sua inovação a ir mais longe.

Abastecimento Side West 2021

27 a 28 de Outubro de 2021

Centro de Convenções Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
Nos Estados Unidos, a feira SupplySide West é a mais importante feira do setor para nós como fornecedor líder de ingredientes de alta qualidade e cientificamente comprovados, pois este evento tem o maior encontro de profissionais de saúde e nutrição em busca de produtos novos, inovadores e clinicamente estudados para seus novos projetos de desenvolvimento de produtos e introdução de formulações com novos ingredientes. É um ponto de encontro para Ciência e Estratégia. Como de costume, este evento nos ajudou a mostrar e demonstrar em primeira mão nossos novos produtos e inovações para clientes potenciais e existentes. Este ano, havia mais energia e vitalidade no chão e o entusiasmo estava aumentando, já que foi um dos primeiros grandes eventos presenciais. Tivemos um programa movimentado, com ótimas interações com os clientes sobre nossos ingredientes, que temos certeza que nos ajudarão com oportunidades de vendas adicionais nas próximas semanas e meses. Nosso novo livro sobre Ashwagandha - ‘The Antiaging and Neuroprotective Adaptogen’, de autoria do Dr. Majeed e nossos cientistas, foi a estrela de nosso estande. Ele foi bem recebido e profundamente apreciado por muitos clientes, que ficaram felizes em receber uma cópia do livro educacional. Nossos novos ingredientes Shagandha , Sabroxy ® , Nigellin ® e Curcousin atraíram grande interesse e atenção.

Ingredientes para a Saúde Japão 2021

06-08 de Outubro de 2021

Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall, Japão

VitaFoods Europe

05 a 07 de outubro de 2021

Genebra, Palexpo, Suíça

Visita do Sr. Pham Sanh Chau ao Grupo Sami-Sabinsa

19 de Agosto de 2021

É uma honra ter Sua Excelência o Embaixador Sr. Pham Sanh Chau e 12 Diplomatas Sênior e Chave da Embaixada do Vietnã em nosso Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Peenya, Bangalore.

Food Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) Show

Hangzhou, 30 de Junho a 2 de Julho de 2021

Show de Ingredientes de Alimentos e Saúde (FI & HI)

Xangai, 23 a 25 de Junho de 2021

Sabinsa (Nanjing) Biotechnology Company Ltd. recebeu o 'Prêmio de Ingredientes FI e HI' na categoria de Fornecedor de Matérias Primas Saudáveis Inovadoras durante o show FI & HI entre 23 e 25 de junho de 2021 em Xangai. Temos orgulho de receber este prêmio como Empresa de Capital Totalmente Estrangeiro na China.

Show de Ingredientes de Alimentos da China (FIC)

Xangai, 8 a 10 de Junho de 2021


Sabinsa participa da Hi Japan – Maior feira comercial de ingredientes funcionais e de saúde do Japão

Tóquio, 16 a 18 de Novembro de 2020

A HI (Ingredientes de Saúde) Japan é o principal evento do setor na Ásia para comercialização de ingredientes de saúde, ingredientes funcionais, suplementos e ingredientes nutracêuticos. O Japão é o principal mercado de suplementos alimentares e funcionais do mundo, onde mais de 60% da população utiliza alguma forma de suplemento.
Este evento, que foi realizado em Tóquio de 16 a 18 de novembro de 2020, inspira inovações da indústria e estimula o crescimento do setor de ingredientes de saúde nos últimos 31 anos e se tornou um evento imperdível para profissionais da indústria que querem impactar o próspero mercado de alimentos saudáveis e ingredientes funcionais do país. A seguir, apresentamos algumas imagens do estande da Sabinsa na Hi Japan.


Sabinsa participa da Vitafoods Europe em Genebra, Suíça

7 a 9 de Maio de 2019

Sabinsa participa da In-Cosmetics Global realizada em Paris

2 a 4 de Abril de 2019


Honorável Primeiro-Ministro da Índia, Sr. Narendra Modi, discursa no Simpósio de Negócios sobre “Fabricação na Índia, Parceria Digital e Parceria Índia-Japão na África”.

Sr. Sreelal M.M., Diretor da Sabinsa Japan Corporation trocando MoU com Sr. Tomohiro Takashima da JETRO

Hotel Imperial, Tóquio

29 de Outubro de 2018

Sabinsa Japão apresenta seus ingredientes nutracêuticos ayurvédicos exclusivos em uma das principais exposições e conferência de ingredientes e serviços de saúde do Japão

Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Salões Oeste 1, 2 e Átrio

3 a 5 de Outubro de 2018

SupplySide China 2018

Sabinsa China exibe e patrocina sessão sobre saúde digestiva na SupplySide China. Dr. Weifen Li, Ph.D., professor, pesquisador e supervisor do Departamento de Ciências da Agricultura, Vida e Meio Ambiente da Universidade de Zhejiang fez uma apresentação chamada “Probióticos: Sobrevivência do mais apto”. A Sabinsa também foi a patrocinadora oficial de curcumina para a feira comercial, com o extrato de curcumina mais estudado clinicamente, Curcumin C3 Complex®.

28 a 30 de Junho de 2018

Sami Labs adquire direitos globais de marketing exclusivos para patentes europeias e americanas de Oroxylum Indicum do CSIR - Instituto Indiano de Tecnologia Química, Hyderabad

20 de Junho de 2018

Vitafoods Europe, Genebra

15 a 17 de Maio de 2018

InCosmetics 2018, Amsterdam

17 a 19 de Abril de 2018

Equipe da Universidade Médica de Taipei visita Sami Labs

Dr. Jiun Rong Chen, Vice Reitor, Escola de Nutrição, Universidade Médica de Taipei, Dr. Suh Ching Yang, Diretor, Centro de Pesquisa de Nutrição Geriátrica, Escola de Nutrição, Universidade Médica de Taipei visitaram a Sami Labs Ltd para explorar a colaboração científica de estudos relacionados à pesquisa biológica entre a Universidade Médica de Taipei e a Sami-Sabinsa.

Maio de 2018

Sabinsa apresenta seus produtos e soluções inovadores na CPhI South East Asia 2018, JIEXPO, Jacarta, Indonésia

27 e 28 de Março de 2018

Sra. Sushma Swaraj, Honorável Ministra de Relações Exteriores, Governo da Índia em sua primeira visita oficial ao Japão para o 9º Diálogo Estratégico Índia Japão

30 de Março de 2018

Presidente Mundial da Sabinsa Shaheen Majeed abordou as complexidades da cadeia de suprimento na feira comercial Engredea

23 de Março de 2018

Dr. Majeed foi convidado de honra no evento Bio-Chess organizado pelo Instituto de Tecnologia Siddaganga, uma das principais escolas de engenharia de Bangalore

20 de Março de 2018

Grupo Sami Sabinsa adicionou o reflorestamento ao programa de boas práticas agrícolas da empresa
Sami-Sabinsa iniciou um plano ambicioso para financiar o cultivo de Pterocarpus marsupium em 250 acres nas regiões de Seoni e Balaghat em Madhya Pradesh, Índia, nos próximos 10 anos. O cultivo será administrado pela organização de reflorestamento Madhya Pradesh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam Limited.

12 de Março de 2018

Sr. Shaheen Majeed, Presidente Mundial da Sabinsa, fez apresentação no Workshop de Colaboração Academia-Indústria - 2018 Departamento de Química,
St. Joseph's College (Autônoma), Bangalore

12 de Janeiro de 2018


Órgão Coreano de Acreditação HACCP e Serviços (FDA da Coreia) visita nossa unidade de Kunigal para inspecionar a produção

15 de Novembro de 2017

Presidente Mundial da Sabinsa, Sr. Shaheen Majeed vai a campo e fala com alunos do ensino fundamental no novo vídeo de 2018 realizado pela New Hope Network

10 de Novembro de 2017

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Fundador e Presidente do Grupo Sami Sabinsa, inaugura nova unidade de extração de solventes em Dobaspet, Bangalore

Matriz da Sabinsa Sami Labs inaugura segunda unidade de extração contínua em 5 de outubro de 2017 para atender a demanda de Curcumin C3 Complex®.Esta nova unidade será usada exclusivamente para extração de curcumina, aumentado a produção de Curcumin C3 Complex® de 25 toneladas em relação à capacidade anterior de 6 toneladas. As 2 novas unidades de extração contínua estão instaladas em 5 acres em Dobaspet, Bangalore, Índia.

5 de Outubro de 2017

VitaFoods Asia 2017

Sabinsa exibe ingredientes naturais ayurvédicos exclusivos da empresa, com história tradicional rica e padronizados para aplicações modernas, no evento VItaFoods realizado em Cingapura nos dias 5 e 6 de setembro de 2017, no Sands Expo & Convention Centre em Marina Bay Sands.

O estande H16 da Sabinsa recebeu um total de 500 visitantes durante o evento. Dr. Anurag Pande faz transmissão ao vivo sobre os benefícios do LactoSpore assistida ao redor do mundo. A Sabinsa também foi a patrocinadora oficial de curcumina no evento.

5 e 6 de Setembro de 2017

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Fundador e Diretor Geral da Sami Labs Ltd. faz apresentação principal na Conclave de Indústria de Biotecnologia, realizado em Trivandrum

Dr. Majeed falou sobre os desafios e oportunidades no desenvolvimento da indústria de biotecnologia agrícola. No conclave, os representantes de diferentes indústrias de biotecnologia fizeram apresentações e discutiram sobre o futuro destas indústrias em Kerala. Várias sugestões foram apresentadas para melhorar o ecossistema de indústrias de biotecnologia em Kerala. A reunião foi conduzida pela Comissão de Biotecnologia de Kerala em colaboração com o Conselho do Estado de Kerala para Ciência, Tecnologia e Meio Ambiente e Corporação de Desenvolvimento Industrial do Estado de Kerala. O conclave foi inaugurado pelo porta-voz Mathew T Thomas, Honorável Ministro de Recursos Hídricos, Governo de Kerala.

31 de Agosto de 2017

Dr. Muhammed Majeed apresenta livro sobre BioPerine® para Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Vice-Chanceler da Universidade de Dhaka

22 de Junho de 2017

Dr. Muhammed Majeed encontra Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Vice-Chanceler da Universidade de Dhaka

22 de Junho de 2017


Prêmio Hall of Legend, 2016

In Cosmetics

Abril de 2016


Dr. Muhammed Majeed junto com a Diretoria do Grupo Sami-Sabinsa

Da esquerda para a direita - Sr. P N Venugopalan, Diretor, Dr. M.D Nair, Diretor, Dr. Majeed e Sr. Humayun Dhanrajgir, Diretor

História inspiradora de um pesquisador, cientista, empreendedor e pioneiro em fazer a ponte entre Ayurveda e a ciência moderna para beneficiar várias pessoas ao redor do mundo‬‬

Apesar do Dr. Majeed continuar a se concentrar no objetivo comercial principal de criar produtos de alto nível, ele também está ciente de sua responsabilidade na sociedade onde opera. A Fundação Dr. Majeed, um nobre esforço do Dr., oferece cuidados para várias pessoas por meio de seus produtos, e eleva as necessidades da próxima geração por meio do suporte financeiro necessário, independente da casta, credo ou religião.

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D., Fundador do grupo de empresas Sabinsa/Sami, juntamente com seu grupo científico, encontra Bharat B. Aggarwal, Ph.D., Professor, Departamento de Terapêutica Experimental, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, EUA.

Dr. Aggarwal, conhecedor do uso terapêutico de especiarias culinárias e que avaliou profundamente 50 especiarias diferentes e suas respectivas qualidades curativas, categorizadas por condição de saúde para compatibilizar a especiaria correta com doenças específicas, visita o escritório corporativo da Sami Labs em Bangalore.

IFIA Japan 2015

20 de Maio de 2015, Hotel Nikko Tóquio

CPhi India 2015

8 de Abril de 2015, Jakarta International Expo, Indonésia

In Cosmetics



20º aniversário da Lei de Saúde e Educação de Suplementos Dietéticos (DSHEA), 2014

Representante da Sabinsa Corporation USA se juntou ao Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, R-Utah, num almoço celebrando o 20º aniversário da Lei de Saúde e Educação de Suplementos Dietéticos (DSHEA) em 23 de outubro em Salt Lake City, realizado pela United Natural Products Alliance. O evento também honrou o papel do senador na aprovação da lei e seu suporte contínuo para a indústria de suplementos dietéticos. Exibidos aqui (da esquerda para a direita): Sen. Hatch e Dr. Shaheen Majeed, Diretor de Marketing, Sabinsa Corp. EUA.

23 de Outubro, Salt Lake City

CPhi India 2014

2 a 4 de Dezembro de 2014, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Índia

Hi Europe & Ni Conference, 2014

2 a 4 de Dezembro de 2014, Holanda

Hi Japão 2014

8 a 10 de Outubro, Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tóquio, Japão

Ex-Presidente da Índia Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visita Sami Labs, 2014

29 de Junho, escritório da Sami Labs, Peenya, Bangalore

IFIA Japan 2014

21 a 23 de Maio, Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Salão de Exposição oeste, 1-2 e Átrio/Torre de Conferência

Resumo da feira comercial da Sabinsa

O Annual Supplier’s Day Show da NYSCC (New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists) foi realizado em 13 e 14 de Maio de 2014, no Raritan Center em Edison, Nova Jérsei. O estande da Sabinsa foi visitado pelo Dr. Anurag Pande, Kavita Subramanian e Asfaq Mohamed do escritório de Nova Jérsei nos EUA. Conhecemos vários clientes e discutimos suas necessidades, além de estabelecer novos contatos promissores. Os participantes do evento incluíram químicos, cientistas de P&D, representantes de vendas e diretores. Os participantes representaram gigantes do ramo de cosmética e também pequenas empresas start-¬up. Foi demonstrado grande interesse em ingredientes que podem ser usados em produtos para cuidados da pele com funções antienvelhecimento e clareamento da pele, que são as principais ofertas de ingredientes cosméticos da Sabinsa.

Os ingredientes cosméticos multifuncionais oferecidos pela Sabinsa, tais como PteroWhite, SabiWhite, TetraPure, e Boswellin CG, foram os que despertaram mais interesse. Produtos antibacterianos e antifúngicos também despertaram interesse, principalmente o óleo de Coleus. Como as empresas de cosméticos querem ser “mais ecológicas” com o uso de ingredientes naturais, os cosmecêuticos da Sabinsa fornecem uma fonte excelente para os formuladores e químicos.

13 e 14 de Maio, Raritan Center em Edison, Nova Jérsei

Vitafoods 2014 - Resumo

6 a 8 de Maio, Genebra, Suíça

NutraFormulate, 2014

18 e 19 de Março, National Motorcycle Museum Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, Reino Unido

Global Ayurveda Festival Kerala, 2014

20 a 24 de Fevereiro, Ernakulathappan Ground, Kochi, Kerala

Panacea - 6th Natural Products Expo, 2014

20 a 22 de Fevereiro

In Cosmetics, 2014

Quinta-feira, 6 de Novembro de 2014

SCS Formulate, 2014

sexta-feira, 21 de Novembro de 2014

HI Europa, 2014

Quarta-feira, 12 de Março de 2014


HI Japão 2013

9 a 11 de Outubro, Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, Japão

VP de Assuntos Científicos da Sabinsa Discursa sobre Biodisponibilidade, 2013

4 a 6 de Setembro, Seul, Coreia

2013 IFT Food Expo

14 a 16 de julho, Estande 2787, McCormick Place South, Chicago, IL, EUA


SupplySide West 2012

5 a 9 de Novembro, Estande n.º 20011, Las Vegas, NV, EUA

Hi Show, 2012

3 a 5 de Outubro, Estande 1-155, Tóquio, Japão

FiKorea 2012, Ingredientes Alimentícios/Tecnologia Alimentícia

5 a 7 de Julho, Centro, Seul, Coreia

IFT National Expo, 2012

25 a 28 de Junho, Las Vegas, Nevada EUA

IFIA 2012

23 a 25 de Maio, Tóquio, Japão

Vitafoods Exhibition, 2012

22 a 24 de Maio, Europa

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, 2012

17 a 19 de Maio, Nova Iorque, EUA

InCosmetics, 2012

17 a 19 de Abril, Barcelona, Espanha


An Eventful Supplyside West, 2010

VENCEDOR IPAD e VendorWorks: Antes de mais nada, parabéns para nosso vencedor do prêmio SSW 2010 da Sabinsa, um novo IPAD da Apple: Jeff Hu da Metagenics. Obrigado por sua participação. Confira os novos prêmios na próxima feira comercial da Sabinsa.

Este ano, nós apresentamos o Boswellin® PS, nossa próxima geração de extrato de Boswellia serrata em nossa VendorWorks na sala Galileu do Venetian. Se você não pode participar, entre em contato com o representante de vendas da Sabinsa ou simplesmente escreva para info@sabinsa.com para obter um resumo da apresentação

20 a 22 de Outubro, Las Vegas


Sabinsa Corporation faz demonstração funcional de alimentos na Expo West, 2009

Quando as pessoas ouvem a frase “alimentos funcionais”, elas pensam em produtos preparados, mas a Sabinsa elevou a discussão a outro patamar com a demonstração realizada em 6 de março na Expo West, Anaheim, Califórnia.

6 de Março, Califórnia


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